AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior                   

Rooted in our belief in “quality first,” we, the Aisin group of companies strive to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and environment through our business activities in each country and territory in which we operate. To this end, in accordance with the following seven principles, irrespective of the location, we respect human rights, abide by the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and act in a sincere and socially responsible manner:

Safety and Quality

1.          We strive to gain the satisfaction and trust of consumers and users by developing and offering products and services that are beneficial to society, while giving substantial consideration to safety. 


2.        We are committed to fair and open competition. We comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations and are socially responsible in conducting our business. We also maintain ethical relationships with government officials and do not establish or maintain relationships with individuals or groups that promote illegal activities or threaten public order or safety.

Disclosure and Communication

3.         We make available to the public our corporate information in a user-friendly and fair manner, and actively communicate with our stakeholders* in order to establish and develop healthy relationships.

Human Rights and Labor

4.         We respect the character, individuality, and diversity of our employees and provide a safe, enjoyable, positive and productive work environment in order to help them achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.


5.        We recognize that how to deal with our environment is a matter touching all humans and is of critical importance to our corporate existence and business activities, and we proactively and positively address environmental issues.

Corporate Citizenship

6.         We respect the culture and customs of each country and territory in which we operate, and we actively contribute to the civic activities closely connected to our local communities.

Company Leadership

7.       Our senior management takes a lead in upholding these principles, and will continue to seek input from both within and outside the group. Further, we provide thorough instruction in these principles to all persons within the group, and make known these principles to everyone concerned, including our suppliers. If there is a violation of these principles, senior management  takes necessary measures to resolve the issues and will strictly discipline those individuals (including senior management) responsible for violations of the principles.

*The term “stakeholders” refers to all the persons and organizations connected with our company operations, including our employees, shareholders, creditors, community residents, states, and local government agencies.  



私 たちアイシンは、「品質至上」を基本に世界各国・各地域における企業活動を通じて、社会・地球の持続可能な発展に積極的に貢献します。そのために、私たち は、次の7原則に基づき、国の内外を問わず、人権を尊重し、すべての法律、国際ルールおよびその精神を遵守するとともに、社会的良識をもって誠実に行動し ます。


  1. 私たちは、安全性に十分配慮して、社会的に有用な商品・サービスを開発、提供し、消費者・ユーザーの満足と信頼を獲得します。


  1. 私たちは、公正、透明、自由な競争を行います。法を守ることはもとより、社会的良識を踏まえて取引を行います。また、政治、行政との健全かつ正常な関係を保ち、社会の秩序や安全に脅威を与える反社会的勢力や団体とは一切関係を持ちません。


  1. 私たちは、社会に必要な情報を分かりやすく公正に開示するとともに、すべてのステークホルダーと積極的にコミュニケーションを行い健全な関係の維持・発展に努めます。


  1. 私たちは、従業員の人格、個性、多様性を尊重するとともに、安全で働きやすい環境を確保し、ゆとりと豊かさを実現します。


  1. 私たちは、環境問題への取り組みは人類共通の課題であり、企業の存在と活動に必須の要件であることを認識し、自主的、積極的に行動します。


  1. 私たちは、世界各国・各地域の文化や慣習を尊重するとともに、地域に密着した企業市民活動に積極的に取り組みます。


  1. 経営トップは、本憲章の精神の実現に自ら率先垂範の上、取り組むとともに、社内外の声を把握し、社内への徹底、仕入先など関係者への周知に努めます。なお、本憲章に反するような事態が発生したときには、経営トップ自らが問題を解決するために必要な措置を講じるとともに、自らも含めて厳正な処分を行います。


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