Power Back Door

Power Back Door

Hands-free access, Damage prevention and more

Did this ever happen to you: having to open the trunk of your car with luggage in both hands (the type you can’t put down or the content spills on the ground)?

Having a back door that opens with a foot movement is quite practical for those situations.

What else is a Power Back Door good for?

  • Here’s another situation a power back door is useful: opening your trunk in a parking building with low ceiling. The obstacle detection sensor stops the door opening before it hits the ceiling, so that scratches and damages are not added to your list of souvenirs after your holiday trip.

    Aisin supplies the full operating system of a powered back door: the ECU, the spindel(s) power unit, the locks & closer, the kick-sensor for hands-free opening, the sensor for anti-pinch or obstacle detection that stop the door movement when encoutering an obstacle to prevent injury and damage.

    The driving unit of this system is integrated in the spindel(s). Most systems use 2 spindels, but recent developments make it possible to achieve the same performance with one spindel containing the driving unit and mounted on one side of the car body. A second spindle could be added for stability in case of larger vehicles.

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    Hands-free Power Back Door

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Smart Entry System

Smart Entry System

“Open, Sesame”

Aisin Europe manufactures door opening/closing systems including components like door handles and door locks.

In reply to the increasing demand of keyless systems, Aisin handles have an integrated antenna to detect the driver’s key fob when in range. The capacitive sensor allows to open/close the door without using a key or pressing any button. The handles are linked via cables & rods to a door lock (door latch) that securely locks the door.

  • In Europe, Aisin manufactures and supplies door handles from Turkey and door locks from Turkey and UK.

    Aisin Turkey has automated painting lines that minimize the level of waste paint as well as ensure the optimal amount of thickness to offer a premium visual quality without primer application. The local design capabilities ensure technical support for both appearance and functionality. Read more about the facilities of our Turkey plant.

    For door locks, Aisin has replaced metal parts with plastic injection molded parts and reduced the number of components. Thanks to these improvements, Aisin has one of the lightest door locks in the market. The actuator housing is solid enough to be used as as a theft prevention protector. The connection to the inside handle by cable and the key-direct structure further increase the theft protection performance.

    While keyless entry systems are becoming a mainstream feature, Aisin is combining entry and sensing technologies to provide users with more valuable features. A vehicle equipped with appropriate sensors and cameras can anticipate special user needs (like wheelchair access or luggage in both hands) and open the door without an action from the user’s side.

    Door Lock
    Handle with touch sensor
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