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Active Rear Steering

Active Rear Steering

More stability and safety

The Active Rear Steering (ARS) is an actuator that controlls the rear axle in the same or opposite phase with the front axle.

At low vehicle speed, the rear wheels are steered in the opposite direction to the front wheels. The result is a reduced turning radius that allows the vehicle to turn more easily and with less movement of the steering wheel.
At high vehicle speed during lane changes or curves, the rear wheels are steered in the same direction as the front wheels. As a result the vehicle sawys less and is more stable.

  • Aisin ARS was first mounted on a Lexus vehicle. In Europe, we have been supplying the Active Rear Steering actuator to Renault since 2007; the first model was Laguna followed by Espace and Megane. Currently Aisin is also supplying Jaguar Land-Rover models.

    Watch how the ARS system works HERE

    Rear wheels turning in the same direction for stability
    Rear wheels turning in the opposite direction for maneuvrability
    Examples of models with Aisin Active Rear Steering System

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

Prevent accidents related to fatigue

Cameras are omnipresent in our lives; this particular application could save lives. The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) from Aisin is using a camera and specifically developed software to recognise signs of sleepiness and alert the driver. The value of such a system has been recognized in Europe by EuroNCAP and will become mandatory in new models from 2024 (and all new vehicles in 2026).

  • Aisin first supplied a camera-based driver monitoring system in 2022 on a Lexus vehicle. The latest generation of our system will be in series production on Toyota’s new bz4x.

Child Presence Detection

Child Presence Detection

Protecting the smallest of passengers

A car’s cabin can be a deadly environment: in as little as 10 minutes the temperature inside can reach 60 degrees Celsius or higher. If a child (or pet) is left behind in such an environment, the consequences are fatal.

Aisin is committed to prevent such tragedies.

  • Since 2008 we have been developing a Child Presence Detection system that uses a milimeter-wave radar to detect living beings in the car. Using a very powerful sensor, the system can detect the slight chest movements of a breathing infant, even if the baby is covered by a blanket or a sunshade.

    The sensor used for the Aisin CPD System can be mounted in the roof line and its radio wave radiation range is able a to cover the entire interior of a three-row car. Aisin conducted multiple tests in order to recreate all possible situations that may occur in a car, like children hiding behind a seat or being fully covered under a blanket.

    When the CPD system detects a child left alone in the car and judges the situation as an emergency, it will raise an alert by turning on the hazard lights and sounding the horn and notifying the user’s smartphone. The U.S. and European countries are expected to soon make CPD systems mandatory standard equipment in passenger motor vehicles in the market. There is no doubt that the market for CPD systems will expand globally.

    See a video of Aisin’s CPD system HERE
    Read more about our system HERE

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